day tour to the calanques (coves)
Incredible day tour (compatible cruise time)
Guided visit of Marseille
Guided visit of Marseille
Try our super wehoo trailers !
Try ours super wehoo trailers !
Bicycle ride in the panier old neighborhood
Bicycle ride in the panier old neighborhood
Bike Ride to the MuCEM
The MuCEM (New Museum)
Perfect day (half) for a happy family in Marseile
Perfect day (half) for a happy family
Enjoy visiting Marseille
Enjoy visiting Marseille
Low rate if you are less than 25 years old !
Low rate if you are less than 25 years old !
Basilica "Notre Dame de la garde" : the "Bonne Mère"
Basilica "Notre Dame de la garde" : the "Bonne Mère"
The most beautiful monuments
Watch the most beautiful monuments of the city
breathtaking views
Plenty of breathtaking views
Visit beautiful Marseille with electric bikes
Visit beautiful Marseille with electric bikes !
Welcome on E-bike Tours Marseille website
Welcome on E-bike Tours Marseille website


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric bicycle?
An electric bicycle looks and feels just like a normal bicycle. If you know how to ride a normal bicycle, you will have no problem riding an electric one. The only difference is that an electric bicycle is powered by a battery that helps you pedal, thereby allowing you to climb a steep hill without barely having to exert any power. In short, an effortless and utterly pleasant experience!

Who can use an electric bike ?
Anyone measuring at least 1m50 / 4.9ft, weighs less than 110 kg / 220 lbs and having the habit of cycling on two wheels can use the electric bike. Your guide will explain your how to use gear box. 10 meters and 4 rounds of pedals enough to understand that it is very easy and intuitive.

Does the bike rides are safe?
Security is a very important point for E.Bike Tours. Even though we will often take small, infrequently-used roads and bus lanes there are very few bike paths in Marseille. In addition, our groups never exceed 10 people. Although French law does not require it, we recommend wearing a helmet (provided) and a yellow vest. Your guide will tell you all before leaving the safety for a perfect lap !
However, you must know many parts of the ride are on the road open to traffic, and you will scrupulously follow the instructions of your guide for optimal safety.

Do you speak english on your tours ?
Yes we do, Manu has a sympatic French accent, Tom is Australian, Hélène is bilingual and some of us speak italian, spanish, italian, german or russian too, just ask before do know if we can arrange the language tour for you.

How many people are on one of your tours ?
All our tours (except private events on request) are limited to 9 people to ensure safety and higher quality time with the guide

Are there any breaks during the tours ?
Yes, we have planned those into all of our tours. Besides all of the regular discourse stops we will be making in front of the numerous monuments and in the breathtaking areas of Marseille.
At 12:30am you will have a short lunch break where you can buy pizza, sandwiche or excellent italian food, and at the end, a 10-15 min stop to Notre Dame de la Garde to visit this marvelous basilica.

Do you comment yours tours ?
Yes we do, your guide will tell you interesting historic anecdotes or not on the various stop points.

And if it rains ?
Oh bonne mère ! in Marseille nobody go out if it rains ! … Except E.Bike Tours :-), we provide you a poncho.
E.Bike Tours runs rain or shine. If we cancel for rain or wind reason, you will be refunded.

Is Marseille windy ?
Marseille is often windy that's why our marvellous blue sky !

Are children allowed ?
YES ! Of course they are ! We have on hand some bike seats and fun weehoo trailers. We also have some Child Safety rules and guidelines that we ask you to follow while on a tour with your kids. So, please read our Terms and Conditions page carefully when making your reservation.

Can i rent an e-bike without guide ?
Sorry, we don't rent bike without guide.

What is your cancellation policy ?
We understand that unexpected things can change your plans. So we are willing to give a full refund if you cancel 48h before the departure time. If you just need to change the date or time of your reservation there is no penalty, please just contact us as soon as possible and we will get that done for you at no charge.  ( Please know that our availability on your new date or time will be the deciding factor as to wether or not we can change your reservation.  So if it is full already we won't be able to change your reservation.)

When do we have to pay ? Do you accept credit card ?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, Amex and paypal on our website, full payment must be done at the order, please ask us if you do not have any of these cards.
We accept credit cards only online.

Do I need to collect my bike before the tour ?
No, you do not need to collect your bike before the tour. After having met with your guide at the meeting point, you will all together go pick up your bikes.

What does the price include ?
Price includes: An elegant and easy to ride Electric Bike with bags/satchels over the back wheel, a safety helmet a yellow vest, a bottle of water and about 3 to 7 hours of fun and discourse from a knowledgeable guide, in a small group of up to 9 cycling tourists. It does not include the price of your lunch or snack during the break time. It does not include the tip for your fabulous guide.

Where is the meeting point ?
Meeting point is here, in front of national théâtre "La Criée"
Metro Vieux port, and when we have the sea in front, follow the quay on your left 500 meters.
You can also take the bus Nr 82 in direction of "Le Pharo", stop at "Theâtre".
Your guide will pick you up there to go by feet to the bike park. BE STRICKTLY ON TIME AS THERE ARE NO SIGN ABOUT US AT THE MEETING POINT.

Is the meeting point far from cruise pier ?

Private tours and Shore Excursions start from your ship, someone wait for you down ty our ship.
For all others tours, meeting point is 2,5 miles from cruise pier. 15 minutes by taxi, 25 minutes by shuttle + bus or ferry boat.
If your cruise arrives at Marseilles at 9:00am, you will have plenty of time to arrive at 9:45am at meeting point.
If your cruise arrives at 10am, you have the possibility to take a private tour or a shore excursion with us (contact us) and we will change the departure time according your cruise.

Is it possible to change any departure time ?
To be able to change the departure time, you must ask for a private tour (contact us), then you will have a guide only for you and the possibility to change the departure time.